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Our Leadership Team


Optimal Data Intelligence’s leadership team is made up of experts with deep experience in business and technology. Our team includes a wide range of experts including business process outsourcing, data intelligence & AI, cloud migrations, user experience, design, and more.


Our goal is to provide modern solutions that are relevant and actionable for our clients to drive real business transformations. As part of ODI’s core philosophy, we strive to deliver high-impact results to our clients that focus on the ROI.

Aaron E.

Founding Partner

Aaron, Co-Founder of Optimal Data Intelligence, brings an impressive fusion of programming prowess and marketing acumen. With a robust background in technology, Aaron's journey started as a coder, seamlessly transitioning into the world of marketing. His innate ability to bridge the gap between tech and strategy has positioned Optimal Data Intelligence at the forefront of data-driven solutions. Aaron's vision is clear: to leverage technology in unveiling unparalleled insights for businesses.

James C.

Founding Partner

James is a global technology executive with nearly 15 years of experience. As co-founder and Partner of Optimal Data Intelligence, James is responsible for leading transformation across ODI's global service organization as well as their enterprise analytics function. He also leads Optimal Data Intelligence's software engineering segment, inspiring and mentoring professionals to build the company’s next generation of analytics solutions. Prior to co-founding Optimal Data Intelligence James was a senior executive within the Big 4, responsible for delivering value for several fortune 500 investing in their own analytical and digital transformations.